Pet Policy

Assistive animals for the disabled are exempted from these restrictions but still require written approval of the landlord.

Residents are hereby authorized to keep a maximum of two (2) pets on the premises of the apartment until the Lease expires. To be permitted, the pet must not exceed the weight limit restriction promulgated by the Manager, be at least 6 months or older (and housebroken) and must not be a prohibited breed or mix of breed as restricted by Manager. Authorization may be terminated sooner if Resident’s right of occupancy is lawfully terminated or if the Pet Rules are violated in any way by Resident or Resident’s family, guests, or invites.

A list of restricted breeds from one community in the past:

• Pit Bull Terriers
• Staffordshire Terriers
• Rottweilers
• German Shepherds
• Presa Canarios
• Chows Chows
• Doberman Pinschers
• Akitas
• Wolf-hybrids
• Mastiffs
• Cane Corsos
• Great Danes
• Alaskan Malamutes
• Siberian Huskies